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Front and back carrying with a carrier or a wrap.
Detachable Raglan sleeves to create a waistcoat.
highly warmth-keeping material - french terry cotton.
Casual wearing, without carrying or pregnancy inserts.
Optional pregnancy insert for future mothers.
Pregnancy insert made from double cotton.
Size adjustment in the waist and at the bottom of the jacket by using flexible bands.
Carrying insert from double fleece, with the option to adjust the size at the top.
Sewn precisely in the Czech Republic.
French terry cotton  conforms to the official regulation of Czech Republics Health Ministry, for children under 3 years old.



maternity sweatshirts






    1/2 chest size

43 cm

47 cm

51 cm

55 cm

    1/2  waist size

42 cm

46 cm

50 cm

54 cm

    1/2 hips size

49 cm

53 cm

57 cm

61 cm

    Length of the sweatshirt zipper

74 cm

74 cm

74 cm

79 cm

    Sleeve length

75 cm

77 cm

78 cm

79 cm

    Width of the insert

35 cm



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